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Adresa Str. Acad. Alexandru Borza nr. 4 ap. 4, Timisoara, 300022, Timis
Telefon +40 256 491 413
Persoana de contact Ciprian Jichici ( )

Scurta descriere a companiei

Genisoft is an Information Technology consultancy, software development, training, and audit company based in Timisoara, Romania. The company, established in 1999, is part of the Maxtel Group and currently has offices in Timisoara, Bucharest, Budapest, and Vienna. We are a company highly focused on cutting-edge Microsoft technologies, with a strong background in the Microsoft Technology Stack. Since 1999, Genisoft has been actively involved in large-scale enterprise projects in Romania, Hungary, and Austria, bringing into those projects a high level of business and technical expertise. As part of our strong focus on the Microsoft Technology Stack, our expertise covers some of the major areas that are strategic to the modern enterprise: data management, business insights, mobile, collaboration, and cloud & services. For all these areas, we are capable of covering both the business and the technological aspects, which is one of the key competitive advantages we have on the market. We provide five different categories of services to our customers: consultancy, solution development, process management, learning, and audit. Depending on the specific needs of each customer we can engage from the highest strategic level down to very specific tactical actions. Whether you need expert advice in shaping your IT strategy, support for implementing and running IT processes, or simply some assistance in getting specific work done, we can help you. Our readiness and audit teams are also prepared to put our high quality knowledge to work to help your employees learn and improve the way they work. Genisoft is ranked among the top Romanian IT companies that provide services related to the Microsoft Technology Stack. We’re investing a lot of effort in keeping and raising the quality bar of our knowledge in the fast moving world of Information Technology. This investment is recognized by the industry, and, most importantly, by our customers and partners with whom we have long and mutually profitable business relationships. Not to mention that it gives us a competitive advantage that’s difficult to match by our competitors. We firmly believe that controlling the power provided by information technology is the key towards an intelligent business. Our mission is to be a frontrunner in the technological race and use the knowledge we gain to help our customers build modern, fast, scalable, and secure software solutions. We will always challenge our skills, abilities, and knowledge to find the best ways to build technical solutions that provide real and measurable business value to organizations.

Teme de practica oferite de Genisoft

Track 1 - Cloud solutions

T1.1 Azure Machine Learning - develop analytics and predictive solutions using machine learning algorithms in the cloud. T1.2 Big Data - develop solutions that deal with big data using Apache Hadoop technologies in the cloud (Azure HDInsight). T1.3 Internet of Things - develop solutions to collect and process very high volumes of sensor data generated by sensors. Store and query in real-time high volumes of data streams (Azure Stream Insight).

Track 2 - Mobile solutions

T2.1. Cross-platform mobile apps using Xamarin.Forms - develop cross platform mobile applications using C# and Xamarin.Forms T2.2 Cross-platform mobile apps using Apache Cordova - develop cross platform mobile applications using HTML5/JS/CSS using Apache Cordova. T2.3 iBeacons - develop mobile solutions using the iBeacons technology.

Track 3 - Windows 10

T3.1 - Universal Windows 10 apps - develop universal Windows 10 apps using the PRISM framework. T3.2 - Develop universal data repositories using EntityFramework 7 and SQLite

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